GRAD arkitekter was founded in April 2001 by Sébastien Corbari, Beata Grepe and Martin Hamdahl.
We are deeply convinced that variation, diversity and hybridity make the richness of our built environment. ​

Every project is considered a unique task that relates above all to its specific context. The process begins by analysing the needs of the client. On the basis of the results we strive for long-term economic solutions with spacial qualities and well contemplated detailing. Working daily on different scales teaches us that design is a process where ideas, aesthetical values and contexts (economy, clients, physical and social landscapes) are all equal components for the good quality of the project. ​

The field of activity ranges from designing small extensions of villas to projects on urban development.The people behind GRAD arkitekter have broad experiences from projects of different types in all phases, from competitions, sketches and problem solutions to planning and follow-up at the building site.
Sébastien Corbari
arkitekt DPLG SAR MSA
Meryem Gülenay
arkitekt SAR MSA